10 minutes to learn super eye-catching graduation card

Fold 2 sheets of black A4 paper in halfOne side with double-sided tapeAdhere the other A4 paper opening inwardWhite A4 paper folded in halfMeasure the centerline and draw a triangle about 4 cm from the bottomCut the triangleDraw a small black triangle in the same proportioncut outCut out the V shape along the edgesGlue the V shape to the white triangleCut off the excessTake out the black paper just left and draw a tie shapeCut it out and stick it inside the VAnd glue our collar on a black baseNext fold two yellow pieces of paper in halfOne of them was cut in half with a utility knifeCut out two wide sections by one centimeter eachStick yellow paper to the inside of the substrateUse a matte tape or scotch tape to strengthen the fold line to avoid other wrinklesCut the remaining half of the yellow paper into a triangle of about 11 * 11 cm.Double-sided tape on right sidesAdhesive in the middle of the substrate as a sandwichCertificate folder completedFold A4 paper in half (note that the direction is different from the front)Cut offSame for whiteHold it upright and fold it slightly in half to squeeze out the centerline positionFold two corners to the center lineCut offHorizontalAnd align the two vertices of the triangle from bottom to topAlign the two vertices of a triangle from top to bottomFold in at the intersectionFold the triangle inwardFolded out like a trash bagDo the same for white to align the vertices of the triangleCut according to the creaseWhich is to remove the two trianglesEach side is cut in about 0.3-0.5 cmTake out the yellow cotton ropeAbout 5-6 turns around the length of three fingerscut outPass the cotton rope through the middle partKnot after cuttingRemove it and trim it off from the opposite side of the knotTake a new piece of cotton rope and wind it a few times in the middle positionTie a knotCut off the excessTake out our card and mark the center point of the squarePierce a hole with a pencil or unwanted penPass the tassel part through the holeFix with two feetDouble-sided tapeStick the white paper we just preparedSame belowThe card is complete 囉Put it in the certificate folder and you're done ~

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The card is simple to get started, and the explosion card base can be quickly solved in 10 minutes.

First cut the paper out of the box according to different sizes: 30x30 cm squareInner page 1: 27X27 cm squareInner page ...

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My slim fit home lunch box

Hello everyone, this is TerenceA friend of the audience asked me beforeWhat will I eat when I am slimming to lose weightBecause they also want to do exercise or hiking during weight lossBut if you eat too little, exercise with BenSo some friends from the audience asked me what I would eat when I lost weight.Instead of answering in wordsIt ’s better to have a meal for everyone to understandCoincidentally today I went hiking with my friendsThey are resting on that sideI'm going to have lunchI 』d better show everyone what I 』m going to eatServings vary, of course, from person to personBut the food mix is ​​basically like thisLook at my dishes firstMy lunch box is also quite bigMost of them are vegetablesThis time there are broccoli and mushroomsAnd chicken fillets have one, two, three, fourHere are fourThis is my dishAnd my meal, I specially brought out two chicken filletsHere are two, that is, there are six in totalAnd some broccoli hereAnd everyone sees this is Red RiceMore hungerThe capacity of the lunch box is less than that of the dishBut the servings are also largeBecause i don't want to be hungry myselfIf I get hungry when I lose weightIn fact, it will be very difficult to continue losing weight to successOkay, I just introduced what I eat when I lose weightNow is my period of slimmingSo here is for everyone to see my mealYou will see my foodBut all cooked with waterAnd the calories in the dish are very lowIt can also increase satiety, so it ’s goodYou see my meals tooBecause I also want to work out or runBesides, I'm going hiking todayI need more energySo I do n』t go hungry for these thingsThe most important thing is to lose weight and not be hungry, which is a tabooWhen you're hungry, it's hard to sustain a weight loss programAnd why do I have too much meat for lunchBut chicken is only cooked with waterBecause I have to keep my musclesSo i will eat moreIf you have any commentsOr what can I share with youYou can leave a message below to share with youSee you next time

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A series of surprises: waterfall card teaching

Hello, this is AnnyWaterfall card to bring this timeA little different from beforeHave shared a waterfall card beforeBut it ’s a small place to put photosBut what about the cards shared this timeIt ’s bigger for photosThe paper sizes we need to prepare are:30x12 15x12 15x10 (cm) and tapeFirst we fold this strip of paper 30x12 cm in halfNext take out this paper of 15x12 cmOn the paper we mark the size of the picture (movie)Then the three lines I draw up, down, and to the left are to be cut.The dotted line on the right is to be pressedThen we use a utility knife to cut these three sides apart.Press the dotted line on the right with a marker.You can use the back of a utility knife or a water-free ballpoint penThen we open the paperAlign the ruler to the leftMark the place of 2, 4, 6 cmThen we have to fold the pressure line at 2, 4, 6 cmThen after you make the mark up and downFold (press) a straight line with a markerNext, we will just make this organPlus this paper of 15x10 cmThis blue piece of paper is placed between the base and the cardThen it will have a pull actionAt this time tape comes in handyWhat about the green organ?

Fold back along the dotted lineAfter folding, we will center the paperAlign 15x10 cm (paper) in the middleNext we prepare a piece of tape about 6 ~ 8 cmStuck between two sheets of paperNext we will place the polylineToward the blue paperFold backThe next step is to combine the organ with the base cardThen I turned the mechanism to the backAdhesive with double-sided tape on its three sidesRemember to choose the double-sided tape you choose.Never stick to blue paperAfter tearing the double-sided adhesive tapeAlign the fold line of the base card and stick itWe divided the place of the drawing agency into four parts of ABCDThen prepare the corresponding size paperNext we follow the order of ABCDFirst apply glue to area AThen this one is a double-sided tapeAfter the glue is applied, we stick A paper in the middle of block (A).Then pull the mechanism to the rightAnd then post them one by one in the orderThis completes the part of the organThen comes the happy decoration timeAfter I started decorating cards,I suddenly felt that there was no inspiration for the cardSo I remembered the book I hadkikki.k Book for paper loversOpen and look at the colors insideOr some cards will give me some inspirationSo I used this booklet again as inspiration for decorationFinallyI still think the card is a bit emptyWhat about the stickers I bought at my ideal stationery?

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Make a little decorationI do n』t know if everyone went to the ideal stationeryI think it ’s super nice to buyIf you go shopping and share with me what you boughtThank you in advance for watching todayDon't forget to like the video if you like itRemember to subscribe to Annie's handmade!So you can receive it every weekThe latest handmade, DIY and card teachingThen firstThank you for watching today 囉 ~~~ 掰 呵 ~~~

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